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Waldmann Construction Mobile Website

We recently updated the Waldmann Construction website to be mobile friendly.  The old site had the design they were looking for so we simply converted to make it resize for tablets and mobile devices  Read about why this project was needed and what the goal was below:

Waldmann Construction


Waldmann Constuction of St. Germain, WI approached us regarding some adjustments to their website.  They wanted to keep their overall look  but have a site that is recognized and resizes for mobile devices.  Goal achieved!  The site now features a beautiful mobile friendly slideshow as well as easy-to-use navigation.

This change was prompted by Google’s recent search results changes.  They will now rank mobile websites more highly on their search results when the search is performed from a mobile phone.  In order to keep their rankings with Google, we needed to perform the necessary update.  If you are worried about this new update and would like to discuss a similar change to your website, please contact us through our Contact Form.

Check out the full site at http://www.waldmannconstruction.com